Lines of Business (LoBs)

Lines of Business (LoBs)

Industrial and Consumer Products, Retail and Others (ICPRO)

- Building materials .

- Industrial components

- Textiles

- Supermarkets

- Food and Drink

- Pharmaceutical products and instruments

- others

Government, Infrastructure Development and Tourism

- Government and quasi-government


- Building and contraction operations

- Non-profit organization

- Hotel business and tour operations

Financial Services (FS)

- Banking

- Insurance

- Stock market operations and investments

- Real Estateā€

Energy and Natural Resources (E&NRs)

- Mining

- Electricity generation and distribution

-Timber plantation, processing and distribution


- Farming

- Food Processing

- Coffee & Banana Plantation

- Processing and Distribution

- Horticulture

Media, Information, Communication and E-Business (MICE)

- Print Media

- Voice Media

- Telecommunication

- Cellular

- E-business

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