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The Services We Offer

Operationally, we are structured into lines of business (LoBs), and technically, into service practice areas, purely to ensure we achieve our ideals

By organizing ourselves into LoBs, we have developed specialist skills in respect of each service area, which best suit a specific LoB. This specialization gives us a competitive edge in our technical know-how and service delivery to our clients. The service practice areas are headed by specialist in these areas. These specialists are responsible for developing service practice charters as well as imparting their technical know-how to their subordinates and other personnel assigned to work with them.

This structure, in our opinion, should enable us to respond timelessly to our clients; needs and ensure continuity in our operations.

Lines of Business (LoBs)

Industrial and Consumer Products, Retail and Others (ICPRO)

- Building materials .

- Industrial components

- Textiles

- Supermarkets

- Food and Drink

- Pharmaceutical products and instruments

- others

Energy and Natural Resources (E&NRs

- Mining

- Electricity generation and distribution

-Timber plantation, processing and   distribution

Government, Infrastructure Development and Tourism

- Government and quasi-government


- Building and contraction operations

- Non-profit organization

- Hotel business and tour operations


- Farming

- Food Processing

- Coffee & Banana Plantation

- Processing and Distribution

- Horticulture

Financial Services (FS)

- Banking

- Insurance

- Stock market operations and investments

- Real Estate


Media, Information, Communication and E-Business (MICE)

- Print Media

- Voice Media

- Telecommunication

- Cellular

- E-business