Services include;

  • Formulation, implementation and project management of turnaround plans, focusing on improved effectiveness, cost management and efficiency;
  • Performing cost-benefit analyses on existing funding arrangements, in order to establish possible restructuring which should produce optimal finance and funding structures;
  • Providing advisory services in small and medium enterprises management;
  • Formulation and articulation of strategic business plans, including financing strategy;
  • Project management and the implementation of growth strategies;
  • Formulation of the most appropriate funding mechanism in respect of identified acquisitions within the preferred client environment;
  • Corporate restructuring and repositioning; and
  • Carrying out special audits to diagnose and investigate poor performance and providing turnaround strategies.

Secretarial services

  • Company secretarial services
  • Maintenance of statutory records for companies
  • Submission of annual returns and other statutory forms to the Registrar of Companies
  • Checking for compliance of companies with government regulatory requirements; and
  • Performing general company secretarial work

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