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Audit Services

Our systems-based audit approach stresses the importance of understanding our client's operations, management review procedures, and accounting internal controls in order to design appropriate audit programs.

Our audits are carried out in accordance with International Standards on Auditing. We utilize the most advanced auditing techniques existing in the accountancy profession today, including information risk management, statistical sampling techniques, advanced analytical review techniques and total systems approach.

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Audit Methodology

AMG Global audits are carried out in conformance with International Standards on Auditing. The audits are designed to meet the highest technical standards, to provide our clients with effective, efficient and constructive recommendations, and to increase our effectiveness as business advisers to our clients. Our approach is recognized for its high degree of input by managers and partners.
Our audit approach is divided into the above four distinct but interrelated phases, in line with International Standards on Auditing:


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Lines of Business (LoBs)

Industrial and Consumer Products, Retail and Others (ICPRO)

- Building materials .

- Industrial components

- Textiles

- Supermarkets

- Food and Drink

- Pharmaceutical products and instruments

- others

Energy and Natural Resources (E&NRs

- Mining

- Electricity generation and distribution

-Timber plantation, processing and   distribution

Government, Infrastructure Development and Tourism

- Government and quasi-government


- Building and contraction operations

- Non-profit organization

- Hotel business and tour operations


- Farming

- Food Processing

- Coffee & Banana Plantation

- Processing and Distribution

- Horticulture

Financial Services (FS)

- Banking

- Insurance

- Stock market operations and investments

- Real Estate


Media, Information, Communication and E-Business (MICE)

- Print Media

- Voice Media

- Telecommunication

- Cellular

- E-business